721 Villages
721 Villages The name of the project “721 Villages” stems from the fact that Kosovo has exactly 721 villages
Reintegration A letter from one returnee
CC4Women Welcome to Consulting Center for Women
I Love Balkan
I Love Balkan Welcome to the world of brave women About us: BWA – (Balkan Women Association) - Unanimous Motto - I BalkanTOGETHER under one umbrellaleaders of women's organizations from Kosovo, Serbia, Montenegro,
19 Year of successful ongoing work
Our results speak more than words

In the last three years we have worked with:
2021 - 1018 beneficiaries
2022 - 1399 beneficiaries
2023 - 1571 beneficiaries
from 2005 to 2024 Projects implemented in partnership with:
Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare
Minister of Culture Youth and Sports
Ministry of Trade and Industry / UN Women Kosovo
Kosovo Chamber of Commerce / WBF
Municipality of Prishtina / Municipality of Podujeva
Slovak Embassy - Slovak Aid / RYCO / UNDP
Agency for Gender Equality - Office of the Prime Minister
Ministry of Communities and Return
Office of Community Affairs - Office of the Prime Minister
UNMIK / EAC Slovenian Business Club Kosovo

6908 Persons involved through various projects
Supported by consultants, experts, trainers, mentors, volunteers and people of goodwill
(Many thanks to all)
NGO Lady
NGO Lady NGO Lady provides a unique set of competences based on many years combined experience of delivering different services to support economic development in Kosovo