NGO Lady
NGO Lady

NGO Lady provides a unique set of competences based on many years combined experience of delivering Entrepreneurship trainings in Kosovo.

That experience includes the delivery of training programs from diverse internationally and locally supported projects and providing entrepreneurship training to many different types of participants. Lady is comprised of Key Personnel with significant experience in program management and coordination within and across all communities in Kosovo. We also have access to a strong network of entrepreneurship experts who are capable of delivering training to international standards in Albanian, Serbian and English languages. NGO Lady has a strong track record of successful working with municipal authorities and supporting the creation of many start-up businesses with women and youth from all backgrounds.

Since its establishment, with the successful cooperation of our professional staff and our partners, Lady has been able to contribute to the development and inclusion of a large number of people in society and economy in Kosovo. In the past period, NGO Lady had a close cooperation with the local and national organizations, governmental institutions and other relevant actors in order to develop and implement socio-economic projects for promoting and building multi-cultural trust, knowledge and acceptance with different target groups.

Lady has worked closely with all marginalized groups and families in order to provide initiatives for a successful development and start-up establishment to offer them a way of increasing their living standard.

We provide professional services such as counseling, training, legal services, research and market analysis and implementation of socio-economic programs and projects

Thanks to then achieved results, representatives of Lady were invited to participate in the IVLP - USA  - "Women and entrepreneurship" together with 22 women entrepreneurs from all over the world, where we had a special honor to receive a letter of gratitude from Secretary Clinton for support and employment of women in Kosovo.

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16 Year of successful ongoing work
Our results speak more than words
from 2005 to 2021 Projects implemented in partnership with:
Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare
Minister of Culture Youth and Sports
Ministry of Trade and Industry
Kosovo Chamber of Commerce
Municipality of Prishtina
2290 Persons involved through various projects
Supported by consultants, experts, trainers, mentors, volunteers and people of goodwill
(Many thanks to all)