A letter from one returnee
Departures are not a new thing for us and we all have some friend or relatives who went abroad. When you look at things a bit strange, realize that this is all the result of our fears and too much bad news that, as a rule, are much faster and wider spread than the good ones, defect of ideas to do something here (at home) and the desire to find one universal solution that will solve each our problem.
Life as a foreigner is reduced to a chase. In the beginning, you are thrilled with a new life, soured by ignorance of your past. Then when that phase of the new one passes and the new environment becomes home, similar challenges have started as before, just farther away from home and in the context in which you did not grow up. You get a new "label" and you will become a foreigner forever.
No one is waiting for you there. Build everything from scratch. There are no streets in which you played and a neighbor who spontaneously greet you with a view. Everything starts from scratch. And zero is a difficult concept. Time passes and what's happening? If you were lucky, (as well as at home) you managed to. You have a good job, you bought a car that you wanted for a long time and rented a house with a large yard and everything is stuck here somewhere. At that point, you also question the arrival, because what you craved for is not necessarily what you want, and the nostalgia makes that what you have given up is worth much, much more than that. And then the new question: "Why did I leave?" This is a noble endeavor to provide children with a better future, but very often too much sacrifice for something that may not happen in 15 or 20 years.
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