721 Villages
721 Villages
The name of the project “721 Villages” stems from the fact that Kosovo has exactly 721 villages
Aim of project is to create new spaces for sustainability while promoting longer term activities that support:
The preservation of Kosovo's cultural heritage and traditional techniques in handcrafting 
Increasing knowledge and skills of handicraft producers in order to increase the quality and sales of traditional Kosovo handicrafts 
Enriching the tourist offer of Kosovo through the design of a unique souvenir and exhibition program 
Brand development and product placement in Kosovo’s and regional markets Sustainable self-employment and income generation for producers
List of videos
Reminder Gratitude is the key to success
With Secretary Hillary Clinton
With Secretary Hillary Clinton It was a special honor
Letter of appreciation
Letter of appreciation Motivation letter 
"Women world" in Pristina
"Women world" in Pristina Women of the world with the women of Kosovo
The "world" in one place
The "world" in one place We are all the same
Dear friends
Dear friends In a company with successful women
One of great activities
One of great activities Successful entrepreneurs
Happines When women laugh, the whole world laughs
Sweet moments
Sweet moments Thanks to Lady, Kosovo today have sweets at every corner